Saturday, 11 December 2010

A lovingly crafted ass and other bits

while typing the tags for this post i found out that i have apparently already discussed butt here before. i thought i was being innovative, but i guess i'm just doing the same old routine. regardless, here's some ass:

these next ones were shot yesterday, so the pants are outdated:


  1. Wow everything's coming to life, including butts! :)
    btw, is the hair a different color because it's the only object not mirrored?

  2. nah, i just coloured the whole model and later deleted the colour except the hair cuz i wasn't working on it. :)

    glad you feel it's coming alive. :) i am very passionate about butts.

  3. Ah, her femininity is returning, just subtly, but it helps keep her from going too far to the cold-bitch extreme. Excellent modelling work. I feel inclined to suggest the wonderfully creepy white eyes of these shots actually be incorporated into the 'dark' form of our beloved avatar.