Sunday, 6 February 2011

Fan Service

Hey Y'all!

Here is a small token to show your love for project lucid with!
we created this cute logo using one of Mash's scribbles,
back when we were struggling to "find" claire's design.
here is a PNG file you can throw on anything, and even an icon for Windows ^_^

spread the Lucid Love :3
Link for logo download:

Layout Demo

It's time for a special demonstration again!

And this time something highly tangible (at least in gaming proportions).
this is a video showing our current progress of the level layout. shown inside the Unreal engine,
modified to work in a 3rd person view, and even with Claire's early rig to give that extra UMPH!

As for the layout, Claire starts in the Lobby of her old elementary school, and walks around the building. but because this experience is actually inside her dream, the areas are divided by dark tunnels and railways, reminiscent of her dayjob as an underground train conductor.

Of course, since this is an early work in progress, there is still no animations, lighting & shading, or important key elements of gameplay like light switches, other characters\creeps, and cutscenes.
this video is just meant to demonstrate the general spaces in the game and the progression through them.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Claire's mom

look at those boobs... (.)(.)


look at those boobs... (.)(.)


General Layout

Hello Everyone!

ive been kinda AFK from the blog lately..
but worry not, we have been hard at work on the project :)

here are some screen caps of the game environment layout.
 our main location is an elementary school,
and it is interspersed with underground railways and dark corridors.

this layout is very early of course,
but it represent the space and scale of the rooms.
it also dictates what is the order of the spaces the player will be exploring

when the layout will be finished i will post a video
demonstrating some movement through it..