Friday, 6 May 2011


This is a big moment, you guys.

Alon and Shaul worked their asses off yesterday and pretty much rigged up most of the gameplay elements, and the game can now be played through in full.

there are now killzones and respawn points, the puzzles all work, you can finally see Dark Claire fully shaded, and the beginning of a transition between the two Claires.

we are making good time.

there's still problems, bugs, placeholders, animation interpolations & environment existence that ALL need to be fixed.

but this is the barebones of the entire thing, all laid out. :)

please ignore the silly numbers running there, that's Alon's diagnostic work. i dunno how to remove it, so bear with me. :P


some of you may notice that there is a size difference problem in the transition that we haven't solved yet.

also, some new animation features that we set up don't yet have connector animations and are not yet interpolated, so some of the animations are cut off pretty roughly, but worry not - that will be fixed as well.

another thing is that whenever i am pressing a button there, you can't see it because the button pressing animation still isn't there, either. but it's finished already, along with a few extra idle sequences for both claires -- all have not been imported yet.