Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Torn Jeans


now that most of our base model of Claire is done, we started working on the dark claire model.
this is the her jeans, all torn and ruined. Of course, this is just a wip, so it still needs work.
but i thought i would give you a sneak-peek.

after i finish working on the High-Res model of the pants, i will decimate it in Z-brush, and import to maya - there i will work on the low-res model, that will eventually be used for the game.
the high resulotion meshes are only used to bake maps like normal maps and occlusion, it will essentially make the in-game model look very detailed, without being too heavy on the system

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Thought on Environments

I was kindly pulled out of Claire's ass today, and was reminded that we have enviro's to do, too. :) here's some inspiration sheets for enviro's. it's pretty general and not overly developed, but this is the direction, ambience, colour and feel-wise.

**** i want to stress that these are photos of derelict british schools/houses because no one seems to be interested in taking pictures of functioning facilities. OUR SCHOOL WON'T BE DERELICT! it will look dusty and old and empty, but it will not be crumbling and abandoned like these pl

Saturday, 11 December 2010

A lovingly crafted ass and other bits

while typing the tags for this post i found out that i have apparently already discussed butt here before. i thought i was being innovative, but i guess i'm just doing the same old routine. regardless, here's some ass:

these next ones were shot yesterday, so the pants are outdated:

Sunday, 5 December 2010


Here you can see Claire modeling the different default materials in Zbrush... don't they look lovely?

Can you tell i am pleased with this? can you?

there's some work left to do on the low-angle of her face, it looks kinda weird from down there, but other than that i gotta say i am finally seeing this 2d design making its rocky transition to 3d, and i am relieved to see it doesn't look bad.

i would love to hear opinions and critiques!

i think this is it for today!

droppy boobs and big hands

working on Claire's body basemesh in Zbrush. it shall serve as a reference + normal map for the low poly in game model.
the head from the previous post is being modeled separately, so i glued this one on here for size reference. actually, mb it's a bit big, now that i look at it.

soon - clothes!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Claire modeling process

There's a lot of work left but... eh... :)

Toying with UDK

Hi everyone

Today for something entirely different  - Physics!
i started importing assets into out Game Engine, the Unreal engine.
dabbling with this phenomenal engine is a lot of fun, as shown here in the video.
it's a very basic test of how static meshes can react in a fun way in-game.
this effect may look simplistic but it gives a lot of feedback to the player, hence contributing to the immersive experience we are trying to create.