Monday, 29 November 2010

Game Timeline

So, last night we were talking about how the adventure and storyline elements combine, and about the general pace of the game. We came up with this timeline to help illustrate the progression through the game. 
Note that the total game length we are aiming for is about 10-15 minutes of gameplay.


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  2. thanks. do you think i should copywrite it?

  3. To add to Shaul's post I would like to clarify:

    - "Urgency mini events" means small in game reminders of the fact that this entire time Claire is in fact asleep on the "wheel" of a moving train. These will appear periodically to give the player a sense of urgency and to compel him to achieve the game's objective.

    - the main story points are marked with circles, the smaller circles are smaller story points.
    * "intro" - the short in-game cinematic showing Claire's morning at the train hangar.
    * " falling" - when claire is already dreaming, she trudges through a few Tube tunnels before reaching a strange manhole in the ground. when she goes in she falls into the school hallway.
    * "objective: coat" is the point when she realizes that she must find the coat in order to get out of the "school" - promptly after getting this objective, the player will hear sound and some image cues from reality, where Claire is sleeping in the cockpit ["cockpit", "manhole" - what's wrong with the english language?].
    * "D-claire" marks the player's first encounter with a clue about the rape and the first transformation into Dark Claire.

    the rest is self explanatory. :)

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