Monday, 29 November 2010

Dark Claire final concept

Get ready for the next big thing: Black Puke!

The idea is that the D-Claire avatar would symbolize her disgust and fear of her emotions and herself in general. Seeing as the game centres around Claire's repression and denial of a traumatic event in her life, this transformation occurs on the first time that she glimpses a hard, straightforward image of the rape - when she turns the light off in the school hallway and an innocent poster on the wall turns into an image of the event. She doubles over and starts puking this black goo stuff until she collapses. when she gets up again she is covered in that stuff and where it touches her it singes her clothes and hair off. think about what it feels like to actually throw up, like after a hangover (my only experience of puking) - the feeling that you don't control your own body, knees shaking, eyes tearing, the general weakness and fear that comes from your body acting up on you - this is what we want to convey in this image, and it will manifest in the way she moves and reacts to things.

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