Saturday, 6 November 2010

all new re-design of Claire

Your thoughts, feelings, opinions, and whatnot - all welcome!
We are, as of this point on - in the modelling stage! yay us! yay schedule!

"Light" avatar:

"Dark" avatar:


  1. "Light" has a realistic, or rather everyday feel, but is also iconic. This is quite great.
    It seems to me that "Light" simply represents how Claire perceives herself and that's why she might look quite ordinary as her dream "Light" self. Kind of like Evil Ren and Indifferent Ren.
    In the case of "Dark" avatar, I'm not sure what it is there to represent, each design (all cool by their own right) seem to represent something a bit different. For example, the first one might represent some extreme lack of lust for life, suggested by the dignified and perhaps "adult" appearance (meaning the "darkness" is more of a void or emptiness rather than evil), and the last design seem much more confident, the black spidery outfit screams poison, and the firey hair style crackles with raw emotion. So that avatar contains some characteristics that are to be desired but is perhaps evil as a whole.
    I might be over thinking it, forgive me if I do.
    Good job, nonetheless :)

  2. thanks for the thoughtful comment! :)
    we are overthinking this stuff ourselves, having others do the same is a bit of a compliment, actually. :)

    the concept it still going through a lot of reconstruction work, and the dark avatar as it is seen here has been scrapped since i had updated it. :)
    i hope we'll be in with a new update soon.

  3. No problem :B I hope this RSS feed thing works so I'll be notified.
    Personally I think Light is a win, partly because I am currently wearing what I think might be the male version of her jacket.

  4. lol pic or it didn't happen! :D

    her jacket is supposed to be a stylized take on the London Underground uniform.

    yeah, we are also thinking that the light version is finished, and we will fit the "dark" one to this.

  5. It's my favorite jacket, I just like how juvenile it looks, clashing ironically with my intellectual persona. I'm just kidding, it goes very well with my persona.

    My personal servants are delivering a photograph to your home as we speak.