Sunday, 6 February 2011

Layout Demo

It's time for a special demonstration again!

And this time something highly tangible (at least in gaming proportions).
this is a video showing our current progress of the level layout. shown inside the Unreal engine,
modified to work in a 3rd person view, and even with Claire's early rig to give that extra UMPH!

As for the layout, Claire starts in the Lobby of her old elementary school, and walks around the building. but because this experience is actually inside her dream, the areas are divided by dark tunnels and railways, reminiscent of her dayjob as an underground train conductor.

Of course, since this is an early work in progress, there is still no animations, lighting & shading, or important key elements of gameplay like light switches, other characters\creeps, and cutscenes.
this video is just meant to demonstrate the general spaces in the game and the progression through them.

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