Tuesday, 1 February 2011

General Layout

Hello Everyone!

ive been kinda AFK from the blog lately..
but worry not, we have been hard at work on the project :)

here are some screen caps of the game environment layout.
 our main location is an elementary school,
and it is interspersed with underground railways and dark corridors.

this layout is very early of course,
but it represent the space and scale of the rooms.
it also dictates what is the order of the spaces the player will be exploring

when the layout will be finished i will post a video
demonstrating some movement through it..


  1. lovely stuff. what's the green corridor on the top left?

  2. yo stav :) awesome to see you following so closely.

    that green bit is in fact the "dark" layout for one of the main rooms - right after the first time she turns into dark claire. :)

    we actually have it worked out in UDK already, along with claire's model with a walk animation, so you might see it in action soon.