Tuesday, 29 March 2011

First Space Done

Hello Y'all

Long time no post, and it is only because we have been hard at work,
getting a lot of headway on the project.
i give you my first-born - a classroom, modelled and shaded completely,
and in glorious HD!
this is one of the first spaces that the player will encounter. this space quickly turned into our main testing grounds for a many of our production fields: animations, lighting and shading, post-process chains and more.

as always, your feedback is cherished, and keep in mind that the gameplay experience is still not quite there :)
soon i will upload more videos showing our progress of in-game animations, and maybe a puzzle or two..



  1. It's looking very good so far!

  2. Damn that's a good looking baby.

    Is the classroom a bit big in proportion to a grown person on purpose?

  3. thank you guys :)

    yes, the general scale in the game is a bit enlarged at times, to give the feeling of being smaller,
    this is Claire's old elementary school, so we thought it would be appropriate.