Sunday, 29 August 2010


"Lucid" is our graduation project – a short video game to be executed using the UDK (Unreal 3 engine) platform.

It is a puzzle-adventure game that relies on light and darkness as the base of its gameplay mechanics and core design.

The game takes place entirely in the subconscious of the heroine: a repressed, anti-social redhead. Our heroine, plagued by the darkness in her dreams, trains herself to lucid dreaming. But an exercise in logic and restraint quickly turns into a battle against her own mind.

A few character sketches for our heroine. orange and ultramarine - ftw!

Since (hopefully) not only our friends will be visiting this blog, a short introduction is in order.

We are a pair of 3D animation students from Bezalel Academy, Israel.

Meet the team:

· Mash, (myself, aka Happy Satan) – animator, organic modeler and concept artist.

· Shauli – all-purpose modeler, shader/texturer and level designer.

· A programmer – whom we haven’t found yet. We are looking for a talented programmer, preferably with experience using the UDK platform. If you know anyone who can commit to this kind of project, please let us know/have them contact us!

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